Summer Story Telling



Chapter 1 - Symphony in .45 ACP Cartridge - submitted by Ryan Ayers

Chapter 2 - Knight Me - Submitted by Hannah Newbury

Chapter 3 - The Girl in the Shop Window - Submitted by Kate Myers

Chapter 4 - Splat - Submitted by Hannah Forster

Chapter 5 - Abyss - Submitted by Ruth Dahlin

Chapter 6 - The Boy and the Bug - Submitted by Sarah Moore

Chapter 7 - Any Kind of Blue - Submitted by Aya  Yahya

Chapter 8 - Fall Like a Stone - Submitted by Bethany Jennings

Chapter 9 - Miscommunication - Submitted by Miriampippa

Chapter 10 - Uncharted - Submitted by Savannah Grace


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How it works

Summer Story Telling is a collaborative creative event organized by me (Kerilynn Wilson) and made possible by you (lovely story tellers).

The facts are simple: I need your stories! Starting July 1st I will illustrate one short story a week, written and submitted by you dear reader, each week for 10 weeks. After ten weeks I will compile all the stories and illustrations into an epic book and they will be made available for purchase. Those whose stories were chosen will have their story illustrated, printed and a free book sent to them at the end of summer. Thank you all in advance for your participation and I cant wait to read them!

How to Participate

 Submit your short story, poem, or story prompt here 

Have Dance party because you submitted an awesome story!

       Tell all your writer friends to submit too!

      If I choose your submission, I will email you and begin illustrating it

anxiously wait for me to finish illustrating it

    At the end of summer Receive your own printed copy of “Summer Story Telling” with your lovely story in it.

     Share with all your friends and relatives you are now a published author!

Guidelines for Submitting

*UPDATE* Submissions Closed 

The short story length that is suggested is considered flash fiction (300-500 words), however it is just a suggestion.

I adore all kinds of stories and genres and it’s a short story, so you can get creative.

Feel free to include notes if you have design ideas but keep in mind I retain full creative control over the illustrations.

I accept submissions at my/or my editors discretion however common reasons to get rejected might include: NSFW content, above the maximum word count, or not original content.


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