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Meraki is a quarterly collection of creative stories compiled as a reminder that, as you face the impending darkness, you are not alone. It is a printed collaboration of words and illustrations that embrace the short story and wholeheartedly throws you into the brains of its creators. Inside its colored contents contain two fully illustrated stories. With each page lovingly crafted to tell the story, the whole book is an art form.

what to expect from meraki 

Ocean Story – Lauren Shearer

“Deep beneath the cold blue ocean the naiads have woken an ancient evil that sleeps in the deepest part of the sea: the Leviathin.”

The Moth Witch – Kerilynn Wilson

“On the scorched red earth exists a dark presence with a penchant for the Black Mourning Moth. As the moth’s numbers dwindle and her presence slowly shrinks, suspicions arise. Who is killing the world?”

The Pre-Order release date is late October and will be shipped in time for Christmas. Sign up for our newsletter for progress reports, behind the scenes, and announcements for the release dates.

NOTE: for people who do not enjoy gripping and engaging stories this book is not for you. We advise you to keep your distance as curious stories tend to spread like a bad cold. Do not sign up for our mailing list if you do not enjoy vibrant and vivacious illustrations. In fact we recommend sending this collection of stories and illustrations as far away from you as physically possible: to all your friends and neighbors for example.


important Events

June 6th – Subscribe to our newsletter and follow Kerilynn and Lauren on Instagram for updates

June 15th - Summer Story Telling: Submit your short story for a chance to have it illustrated and printed by Kerilynn Wilson. (More  details June 15th) 


Sept  12th – Meraki Cover Reveal


October – Pre-order open.


merkai moth promotion: by Kerilynn Wilson and Lauren Shearer/Illustration/short story publication