The Post On the Bus Ride

If you've made it this far I wanted to thank you for sticking with it. I've been using this comic as a sort of rough draft for this story, which is why the art tends to be quick and more similar to draft sketches. Anyways, I just wanted to say it's been so fun to work on it and I hope you keep reading. I will let you in on all the secrets eventually...


The Post at the Bus Stop

This week my car was my studio so this sketch is very brief, unlike the torturous bus ride they are about to embark on. 


The Post Where They Team up

Things have been busy my people but the yellow jacket girl and the heart owner are teaming up to find the scientist! 

off to find the scientist.jpg

The post with two pages and a tad extra

I hope you're excited to meet the heart owner!

feb 24 55.jpg
feb 23 44.jpg

And here is the extra bit. A character diagram of The Sorter. He's not such a mean guy really, he's just trying to do his job!

the post with your weekly weird comic and a dash extra

oh you thought we'd solve the falling problem in one page? hah.

heart in jar comic.jpg

I did however include an extra curricular activity for you in case you were curious about background stories and settings and what not..

extra curricular activity.jpg

The Post where we meet the sorter

Annnnd here's who we call The Sorter

Why limit yourself to putting hearts in jars when you can put brains in jars too!