Summer Story Telling: Chapter Five - Abyss


Well friends, I'm back from camping and officially back on track. 

This chapter was submitted by the lovely Ruth Dahlin and I have to tell you, I had so many ideas of what to do and how to interpret this story I waffled back and forth for ages. I hope you enjoy this interpretation and I'll see you at the end! 

Summer Story Telling  - Chapter five - Abyss - Kerilynn Wilson - Ruth Dahlin
Summer Story Telling  - Chapter five - Abyss - Kerilynn Wilson - Ruth Dahlin
Summer Story Telling  - Chapter five - Abyss - Kerilynn Wilson - Ruth Dahlin
Summer Story Telling  - Chapter five - Abyss - Kerilynn Wilson - Ruth Dahlin

I haven't worked in darker colors so this was a blast!

I have placed the text below in case it was difficult to read. 


Abyss - by Ruth Dahlin

As a child I danced in gardens.

Fleet-footed and light, hair swirling in the breeze.


I danced through paths lined with flower-laden shrubs.

I danced my way to the center, where stood an old well.

It had been for many years forgotten and abandoned.

Overcome with brambles and ivy, covered with leaves of seasons past.


My feet found the cover, and beat a merry beat.


The wood felt warm under my feet, and I laughed for joy.


The flowers in my hair were fragrant, And the sunshine was warm.

I danced and I sang for joy.


But rot was creeping through the cover.

Many a rainstorm had started a rotting in the wood beams, and the gaping abyss peered out.


My feet fell in. The rest of me followed.


I fell past broken bricks and moss covered stones.


I landed in the mud amidst sharp stones.


My bones were cracked,

my spirit broken.


They could not lift me out, their ropes did not reach.


I lay there in the damp, while the rain landed upon my face, mixing with my tears.


I could not stand.

I could not move.


My feet were weak, my heart was heavy.


But I discovered that my feet had never

possessed a strength of their own.

My heart had never sung a tune of its own.


I discovered one mightier than me, who lent me his strength and sent me his song.


Down to the abyss he came to comfort me, saying,

“Do not cry, for I know what it's like to be left in the abyss.

I know what it's like to have your bones broken, and your spirit crushed.

Left for days on end.


I have been bruised,


and abandoned.


There is nothing that you suffer

that I have not also endured.”


He lent his strength

to those who wished to rescue me.


I was borne up.

I was brought back into the light.


They drew me out,

and reset my bones,

they bathed my bruises,

and washed my tears away.


But I mourned his presence.

I thought that I

had left him behind.


But on my couch of recovery,

where I lay weeping,

He came again

and lifted me up

back on my feet.


I hope I never forget

to be thankful

to the one who comforted me,

who lent me his strength.


When my time has come,

I wish to join the choir in the clouds,

to sing his praises

with all the others he has lifted

out of deep, dark holes.


We will sing, and watch


as he goes out and lifts up the broken in spirit and contrite in heart from where they lie.


In an abyss.



and weary.


Forgotten by all

but the one,

Who rescues us from the abyss.