Summer Story Telling: Chapter Four - Splat


The mysterious and supposedly pink chapter 4 is finally here! Written by Hannah Forster, Splat was so fun to work on. This whole project has just been one lovely experience after another and I immensely enjoy the freedom of trying new things and the lovely authors who have given me so much freedom. So, here is a huge thank you to everyone who submitted  (Submissions are now closed) and with that, read on dear viewer if you want to know what happened with all the pink.

Summer Story Telling shop - Splat - Kerilynn Wilson - Hannah Forster
Summer Story Telling shop - Kerilynn Wilson - chapter four: hannah forster - splat
Summer Story Telling - Kerilynn Wilson - chapter four - Splat

Process Notes

I have started experimenting with colored pencil on acrylic again and I used quite a bit of it with this chapter. I am still not super comfortable with it and cant seem to get the amount of detail I want but it seems to work well when using it in bigger background situations. 

I am still working on text placement, sometimes my ideas work and sometimes they don't, and I can honestly say it is very hard to fit these amazing stories into four pages. I've always been a fan of larger images and page spreads as opposed to a more comic book feel. But, what that means is more pages. This is the amazing-ness of this project though, because I can freely experiment and it's SO fun. 

A side note: There is an Easter egg in these illustrations. If you are familiar with my older-still-in-the-works story "The Heart in the Jar" you will probably find it easily. If not, maybe you should check out those sketches! 

Thank you again you lovely readers and writers, and as always, have a happy Friday.