The Post Announcing Meraki

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"A hot breeze ruffled the black drifting wings. The scorched red earth housed a dark presence with a penchant for the Mourning Moths. It seemed though she was strong, death was still stronger, and she hadn't seen a seed take to the ground in far too long. The moths were starting to wander, and something unfamiliar was swiftly approaching..."

Meraki is a quarterly collection of creative stories compiled as a reminder that, as you face the impending darkness, you are not alone. It is a publication that embraces the short story and wholeheartedly throws you into the brains of its creators. Inside it’s colored contents contain two fully illustrated stories. With each page lovingly crafted to tell the story, the whole book is an art form.

In case you were curious, and because I love the word, Meraki is a Greek adjective meaning to put something of yourself into what you do. It's the little bit of soul that is carefully placed into the things we create. It's something you can feel when you hold it in your hands. Our project Meraki was born of a desire to tell stories with soul in them. Lauren, a writer, and I, an illustrator, finally sat down and came up with a collaboration. After we'd hashed out a basic outline over chips and guacamole, we crafted a plan to carry our stories out into the hands of lovely people like yourselves.

All the official specs and timelines can be found here. I cant wait to share more of our stories for issue one and show you the process of making this book. Over the Summer you'll be able to get in on the process and help us tell our stories. 

Now, for those who made it all the way through this post and sign up for the Newsletter (which I highly recommend) I reward you with an image from my upcoming story "The Moth Witch". 

The Moth Witch - Meraki - Kerilynn Wilson

Wish us luck!

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