Collaborative photo-shoot: of florals and falling off chairs


It was an early Wednesday morning and I had an idea. Well, actually I have no idea when it was but regardless I had this thing I thought would be cool to do. And then I ran into the lovely makeup artist Rebekah Forster and I told her of my vision of massive floral head pieces, gorgeous makeup, collaborative spirit, and she was in. After that it all happened really fast. I contacted Peter Mahar, our fantastic photographer and he jumped right in. a HUGE thank you to Rebekah, Susanna and Christie who were our awesome models and were so cool about wearing the big paper flowers that I made. Basically we got to spend a whole day in creative collaborative endeavors that involved running around with ridiculous flowers everywhere, random bugs and beetles, yummy food and lots of falling off chairs.

Below you will find the main collection of photos that we are head over heels for, and if you would like to see behind the scenes I will be posting some on my Instagram here. But before you wander through the selection, I want to encourage you creative people who have a collaborative idea you haven’t done yet to definitely make it happen! Get together with other creative peeps and make cool stuff. And then tag me in it cause I want to see.

And finally, Thank you to Peter and Rebekah for letting me be creative director for a day.

Alright, Now you can see the pictures


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