The Post Where I Show You My Sketchbook.


Surprise! I have three.

I tend to have very random, messy, and ugly sketchbooks. It probably stems from my fear of needing to have a perfect sketchbook so I swing in the opposite direction and give you stuff like this...

Or this.... I never write in ruled notebooks. I don't mind drawing in them though. In case you noticed, yes, I have a very strained relationship with painting. 

and very messy sketches for ideas...

For a while I took lectures notes in them and drew my friend Hazmat suit man so as not to fall asleep.

image3 (6).jpeg

One time, I put hazmat suit man in a painting in the style of Alphonse Mucha and it got totally trashed in class. I think sometimes paintings as jokes are a great idea..even if they are not received well. I still love that painting.

This is the sketch for Rib Cage and I am pretty much positive it is the only painting I've ever done that went directly from sketch to paint and came out exactly as I saw it in my mind. It was a little bit surreal.

And sometimes there are hilarious puns :D

Camping drawings.

And lastly, my teeny tiny sketchbook of ideas.

Just Kidding :) no one gets to see my idea book.