The Post Where We Continue the Weird Cartoon Story...


I started this cartoon a couple months ago. I would like to say I started it as an exercise or a serious project, but it was more of a distraction than anything else. And, of course, I had put no thought into where it would end up going. All I saw was the yellow jacketed girl looking into a large cardboard box. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, but I had no current plans about the idea so I asked a certain brother for suggestions. 

He suggested she find a heart. 

This is the story as it has come thus far...



This is not The End.

So what happens next? Well dear viewer, that remains to be seen. From the beginning this story has been unplanned and I hope to keep it that way. What happens next is up for interpretation. Should the yellow jacketed human have a side kick? Will she find the hearts owner or will the heart grow impatient and attack? Hearts are known to be a rather impatient lot, prone to wandering.

In conclusion, though I would like very much to apologize for the weirdness, (hearts in jars of yellow goo are understandably out of the ordinary) sometimes it can be great to take a brisk walk down a grey brick alley.

It's up to you what you do with the cardboard box.



The Post Where I Show You My Sketchbook.


Surprise! I have three.

I tend to have very random, messy, and ugly sketchbooks. It probably stems from my fear of needing to have a perfect sketchbook so I swing in the opposite direction and give you stuff like this...

Or this.... I never write in ruled notebooks. I don't mind drawing in them though. In case you noticed, yes, I have a very strained relationship with painting. 

and very messy sketches for ideas...

For a while I took lectures notes in them and drew my friend Hazmat suit man so as not to fall asleep.

image3 (6).jpeg

One time, I put hazmat suit man in a painting in the style of Alphonse Mucha and it got totally trashed in class. I think sometimes paintings as jokes are a great idea..even if they are not received well. I still love that painting.

This is the sketch for Rib Cage and I am pretty much positive it is the only painting I've ever done that went directly from sketch to paint and came out exactly as I saw it in my mind. It was a little bit surreal.

And sometimes there are hilarious puns :D

Camping drawings.

And lastly, my teeny tiny sketchbook of ideas.

Just Kidding :) no one gets to see my idea book.