Summer Story Telling: Chapter Two - Knight Me

Welcome to the second chapter in our summer adventure

Submitted by Hannah Newbury,  "Knight Me" was so fun to work with and had such a sunny fantastical vibe. If you know me you know I can never say no to stories with girls wielding epic swords and laying waste to their foes. Especially after dark and mysterious chapter 1, I hope "Knight Me" is an uplifting and imaginative chapter for you dear reader.

Summer Story Telling-Chapter Two-Kerilynn Wilson
Summer Story Telling-Chapter Two-Kerilynn Wilson
Summer Story Telling-Chapter Two-Kerilynn Wilson
Summer Story Telling-Chapter Two-Kerilynn Wilson

About the actual illustrating of the story, I knew I wanted to have an exciting interpretation of the ending. Hannah mentioned that the other students arranged chairs to look like she was fighting a dragon for the reference pictures and I grew attached to the idea of creating a literal version of this imagined dragon appearing and our weapon wielding girl being unafraid. 

I also like the idea of a very structured beginning with sharp edges and clean lines that slowly break apart and expand when her imagination starts to take over. 

All in all I had so much fun illustrating this story and on a happy side note it consisted of the final pages of my third sketch book for the year! Three down one (and maybe another??) to go! 

Summer Story Telling Chapter One: Symphony in .45 ACP Cartridge


It's finally here! The very first chapter ever in the first issue of Summer Story Telling! I figured I'd  just keep the order simple and illustrate the first chosen story that was submitted. I have to say though, this was a very different story for me and it definitely shakes things up with the type of characters I tend to draw which is also why I am really excited about it. 

Symphony in .45 ACP Cartridge is written by Ryan Ayers who can be found here. Like I said, this story was really exciting for me because it made me try different things. At first when I sketched up some drafts I immediately did some washes in black and white and some yellow which was very similar to other work I'd done and definitely in my comfort zone. So, seeing that this was the perfect story to shake things up I redrew the sketches and went with a vibrant red and blue. 

The other exciting thing I liked about this story was adding the awesome Police chief who it seemed like was in a high stakes chess match with the criminal and his henchmen. If you notice some chess-like imagery in the illustrations it must have been on my mind. 

Alright, Without further ado:  

Symphony in .45 ACP Cartridge, By Ryan Ayers

Symphony in .45  ACP Cartridge

"Light flashed on a building somewhere around the city of Pittsburgh. Police cars congregated on its door step spreading out iron wings to unleash a sea of stern blue capped faces. Sky blue and blood red alternated painting the surrounding world as 21st and 8th street were stalked by Pittsburgh's best and brightest. 

Within the shattered walls of the 4th floor, eight men in dark suits and darker moods stretched shadows from windows, feet scuffing hands tapping brows sweating.

Only one sat enthroned on top of an office chair on top of a pool table with the royal authority of Caesar. He was smoking. Finally one of his men turned and haltingly asked what could they do?

Voices thundered outside throwing turquoise with violet lightning in the dark room. The man stopped smoking, leaned on one arm and looked out the window and smiled. One more squad car and he'd have just the odds he liked."


And that launches us headlong into Summer Story Telling. I'm thrilled about this project! let me know what you think and watch for the second story coming out next Friday!


The Post Announcing Meraki

"A hot breeze ruffled the black drifting wings. The scorched red earth housed a dark presence with a penchant for the Mourning Moths. It seemed though she was strong, death was still stronger, and she hadn't seen a seed take to the ground in far too long. The moths were starting to wander, and something unfamiliar was swiftly approaching..."

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The Post Where They Knock on the Door

The house on the hill with all its attachments stayed suspiciously quiet while the girl in the yellow jacket knocked on the door. This was the Scientist's house they were sure of it... perhaps some inspection around the corner will help. 

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The Post where the plot thickens...again..

So it looks like I lied again and we don't get to meet the scientist yet... They did in fact find her office but from the mess I'm assuming she hasn't been there in a while. It would be back to square one, but it seems they have a found another person involved...

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