The Post where the plot thickens...again..

So it looks like I lied again and we don't get to meet the scientist yet... They did in fact find her office but from the mess I'm assuming she hasn't been there in a while. It would be back to square one, but it seems they have a found another person involved...

page 47.JPG
page 46.jpg

The post with the spider blimp

In previous pages of the story, the heart owner and the yellow jacket girl took a long bus ride to find the Hospital where the scientist studied and founded the first program dedicated to the removal and preservation of hearts. In said pages I regrettably drew the most boring bus ever. I have since re-designed what I think is a much more appropriate way to travel. Assuming of course, you don't mind heights.

Oh and also here's the next page in our story. They're about to visit the Scientists office to get more information on who could possibly be the heart thief? 

checkign into the hospital.jpg
blimb speider.jpg

The post at the hospital

In search of the scientist, the yellow jacket girl and the heart owner arrive at the hospital where the scientist is associated. Also, we learn that I am not a fan of drawing buses and thus rush it and they end up looking like potato's...

cartoon page unknown.jpg

The Post On the Bus Ride

If you've made it this far I wanted to thank you for sticking with it. I've been using this comic as a sort of rough draft for this story, which is why the art tends to be quick and more similar to draft sketches. Anyways, I just wanted to say it's been so fun to work on it and I hope you keep reading. I will let you in on all the secrets eventually...